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What are the different Type of Lands found in India?

What are the different Type of Lands found in India? Man along with all the plants and animals has been living on the surface of this earth for years together. He has been using the soil, water-bodies, forests, grasslands, animals, minerals etc.

How to Deal With A Sarcastic Type Customer?

Sarcasm is the warehouse of such customers. Sarcastic customers are known for making sarcastic or castigating statements which are silly, meaningless, insulting, chilly and provocative. Whatever he wants to say, he say indirectly with a taunt and a tinge of insult or humiliation.

How to Deal With A Shy Type Customer?

He is also known as ‘nervous’ or ‘timid’ customers. He likes silence most and, therefore, not interested in speaking rich. He prefers to remain silent and avoids to talk. He is super-sensitive and feels hurt if the salesman says any thing against him.

How to Deal With A Hig-Haggling Type Customer?

These are the greedy people better known as cupid who come to the selling out let to take a chance as they are not badly in need of the things nor having a keen interest to buy. As they are greedy, they are out for bargaining much below the floor prices.

How to Deal With A Deceiving Type Customer?

Such a customer is a cheat, imposter, who is wise in fooling others.. They are the dishonest shoppers, where their aim may be to lift or cheating the salesman while he is busy in presenting. Being dishonest, they go on asking all the possible questions let the product or product at least rate.

How to Deal With Him A Handicapped Type Customer ?

Divine power has made all the difference and distinction is this world where human species is not an exception. The customers may be physically and mentally handicapped by birth or by an operation in the course of surgery or by accidents.

How to Deal With A Conceited Type Customer ?

He is known by alternative words like pompous or snob or vain type. He is a kind of customer who has a very high opinion about himself. Self-concept in the major mark of such customer. He is self-pumped and, therefore, swollen personality.

How to Deal With A Friendly Type Customer ?

Friendly or jovial type of customer is one who has no pride, pomp, egoism and arguments. He has a friendly attitude towards any one he meets and so with salesman. He enters the shop with his stylish expressions, greetings as if he is very close friend.

How to Deal With A Impatient Type Customer ?

Impatient customer suffers from lack of tolerance. Intolerance in the mark of such a customer. He hates delay and wants that he should be given priority in settling his transaction, Slight wastage of time in attending him, irritates him and he shouts with loud voice as if a great injustice has been done to him.

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