How to Deal With A Friendly Type Customer ?


Friendly or jovial type of customer is one who has no pride, pomp, egoism and arguments. He has a friendly attitude towards any one he meets and so with salesman. He enters the shop with his stylish expressions, greetings as if he is very close friend. Such a person is deeply inclined to make acquaint with others. He is overflowing with greetings and drags the salesman. into pleasant conversation. These people make even the dumb or statue to speak. His manners and attitude are simply noting and capable. He creates an atmosphere of cheer and gay. He induces others to be very close to him and open hearted or quiet unassuming.

Tact and diplomacy come to the aid of a salesman while dealing with such people. The salesman should divert his attention from “hallo” stage to “product” stage. He is easier to handle as he can be easily pleased.

However, it is foolish to believe that he is easily gullible. As such an attempt will take the customer away from shop. Not only that, he becomes the agent to create the unwanted bad impression whenever he gets on opportunity and wherever he goes. He does not bargain as he knows that salesman is not going to cheat him.

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