How to Deal With A Impatient Type Customer ?


Impatient customer suffers from lack of tolerance. Intolerance in the mark of such a customer. He hates delay and wants that he should be given priority in settling his transaction, Slight wastage of time in attending him, irritates him and he shouts with loud voice as if a great injustice has been done to him. He is a person of top gear like a live-wire executive who believes in action than talks. His actions are snappy, jerky and impulsive. Push in the shop or at the counter makes him to more away from the point and buy from another sales outlet. He does not high-haggle over the price. He expects the salesman to be to the point and cut to the core. That way, he is a nice gentleman. Price discrimination he does not mind as he is impulsive type.

Perhaps, the solution lies in the quick response and disposal. Preference should be given lo this customer even at the cost of and inconvenience of others who waiting. Charge him high for the quick service. As far as possible, he is to avoid the detailed discussion or elaboration which he does not need. He does not bargain. He is to be quick and to the point in presentation with least sales-talk.

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