How to Deal With A Shy Type Customer?


He is also known as ‘nervous’ or ‘timid’ customers. He likes silence most and, therefore, not interested in speaking rich. He prefers to remain silent and avoids to talk. He is supersensitive and feels hurt if the salesman says any thing against him. He does not want to parade his knowledge, nor £ interested in accusing others. At the same time, he does not want to be criticised. Nervousness and lack of experience tike him to have no self-confidence and self-assertions. Shy-type of customers take quick decisions, select the product tt an early stage. He does not want to exhibit his dissatisfaction displeasure openly. Instead, he takes the decision of discontinuing the shop itself.

Salesman should thank him for being quicker to have rich a customer as he is not annoying no disturbing. It does not mean that he is to be careless. He is carefree certainly. He should be on the look out to render his best services. He should convince him in such a manner that the customer removes the doubt of being exploited by the salesman. If the customer starts breaking or dissatisfied, the salesman’s work is one of linking and constructing. The salesman should know ns reasons for acceptance or rejection by asking certain cessions minutely, politely. Customer’s satisfaction is the foundation for future sales. Tactful and timely advice, friendly attitude, courtesy and modesty will lad to light.

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