How a salesman should deal with Impatient customers ?


Impatient customers have no patience. They want immediate attention and action on the part the salesman. Otherwise they get irritated and leave the shop. These customers do not like to bargain. They also do not like to move from shop to shop for any reason. Time is most valuable for this type of customers. They are the persons of top-gear. They believe in action, but not talks. For saving time, they do not bother much for quality and are even prepared to pay little high prices.

The salesman should be very prompt and quick in dealing with impatient customers. If other customers are there, the salesman should try to attend these customers first. The salesman should not explain the selling points of the product because it is time consuming. Demonstration should be completely avoided as the customers are in hurry. As these impatient customers might be in hurry to catch a train or a bus, or to attend the office or conferences, he should not suggest any additional purchases.

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