How a salesman should deal with friendly type customers ?


Friendly customers are those who have no pride, pomp, egoism and arguments. They generally have friendly attitude towards everybody and so with salesman. They enter the shops, meet, talk and behave with salesman like friends. They drag the salesman into pleasant conversation. They even make the dumb to speak. Usually they do not bargain while purchasing. They never think salesman as a cheat and have a good faith in him. They believe the statements of salesman. These customers have greater patience. They never mind a reasonable delay by the salesman. Though they are talkative by nature, still they are considerate. They know well their limitations.

Friendly type customers are easier to handle by the salesman as they easily pleased. He should deal with them honestly and provide them with appropriate advice with regard to the product. He should not try to cheat or underestimate them, because they are not fools. If at any time the salesman takes undue advantage of his friendliness and pleasing manners, he will leave the shop. As these types of customers are talkative, the salesman should try to drag their attention towards the product. A good number of varieties from different price ranges must be shown to them for their choice.

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