These types of customers suffer from some physical defects. This type of customers may be deaf, dumb, blind, lame, may have defective speech, etc. Such customers are very sensitive and deserve some special care and attention and kind treatment from the sales manager. These customers should never be discarded or ignored. They like to be treated as normal persons.

How to deal with them

The sales manager must have sympathy and respect towards handicapped customers. They should be given some special treatment and importance so that they feel gratified. Once they are satisfied with particular shop. They buy from that shop regularly. However, he should never express his sympathy for their physical defects. Rather he should treat them normal persons with more than due sympathy. By giving special care and attention the sales manager also earns goodwill for the firm. Other customers’ presents in the shop generally get a good impression. The salesman must adjust himself to deal with handicapped persons. For example, he can use sign language for dumb customers; he can carry goods for lame persons who can come to the counter and so on.