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Classification of Business Activities

Everything you need to know about the classification of business activities. The business activities are broadly classified as – Industry and Commerce. Industry deals with production and processing of materials into finished products. Commerce generally includes all activities which facilitate the exchange of goods and services. All commercial and business units come under commerce and all enterprises engaged in production [...]

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Public Relations

Everything you need to know about public relations.Public Relation (PR) is another tool of promotional mix designed to improve, maintain or project a company or product image. Public Relations is referred to everything that is conducted to improve mutual understanding between an organization and target groups and all those with whom it comes into contact both within and outside the [...]

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Retail Supply Management (5 Components)

A supply chain comprises of four or more companies including a wholesale company, an immediate supplier, marking firm, distribution firm and the transport companies working independently. Each such firm has its unique set of objectives conflicting each other. For example, maximum sales turnover and high customer service may conflict with distribution and transport firms. The result of these conflicting objectives [...]

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Effects of Non-Economic Factors on the Development of Entrepreneurship

Sociologists and psychologists advocate that economic factors may be necessary conditions, but they are not sufficient conditions for the appearance of entrepreneurship. They view that the influence of economic factors on entrepreneurial emergence largely depends upon the existence of non-economic factors i.e., social and psychological factors in the society.

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