As a salesman how will you deal with silent type customers ?


Dealing with silent type customers

(i) Putting some leading questions

The customers should be made to talk by asking some allied questions. For example, the salesman may start by saying, “May I help you, sir?”, “What can I do for you”? “Will you do me a favor by telling me your opinion on this point?” When the customer speaks something, his reactions might be studied carefully.

(ii) Explaining details of selling points


The salesman must explain to the customer the details of selling points of the products, so that the latter is convinced. His sales talk must be persuasive and should create interest in the minds of the customers. As this type of customers is impressed by facts, they should be offered proof of benefits and value of the products to be purchased.

(iii) Friendly behavior

The salesman should not develop fear-complex due to the silence of customers. He should not be irritated for this. Friendly behavior, tact, and courtesy enable a salesman to win hearts of silent customers.

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