How to Deal With A Silent Type Customer ?


He is sober, meek and mild. He is the one who refuses to talk much as if his month is tied. By no means he is a nervous or shy type. He is strong enough in the sense that he knows about the product or products much better. That way he is intelligent.

However, his deportment or nature makes him silent or else he might use silence as a shield to defend himself. He finds it difficult to waste valuable time and, hence, he is condensed and concentrated. Self-confidence is there with him in a very large measure. On the strength of these hidden marks, he fails to believe totally the statements of others. He is a customer who belongs to the race believing in “water runs still deep.”

Obviously, a salesman finds it quite irksome to deals with such kind customer. It is herculean task as it is monotonous and fearsome to deal. It is only a matter of imagination and foresight kt help the salesman to see what is going on in mind. The customer should be made to talk by asking certain closely allied questions. He is to play secondary role by giving much importance to the feelings of a silent type of customer. An alluring sales talk is enough to win his confidence of such a customer. He should shower the questions on the customer to unlock us mouth.


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