This is one of the most difficult types of customers to deal with. This type is often referred to as the calm. His silence may be due to natural reticence. He remains silent by his very nature. He refuses to speak much, as if his mouth is locked. He has a strong determination and gives no clue to his nature or character or motive or object. He makes his own judgment because he thinks that he has self-confidence. He does not trust the sales manger statements. He always tries to estimate the knowledge of the sales manager. He thinks that the less he speaks, the less the obligation to buy and the more the opportunity to escape.

How to deal with them

The sales manager finds it very difficult to deal with such type of customers. The best way of tackling such type of customers is to make him speak out by putting some leading questions. These questions are “May I help you?” “What can I do for you?” The sales manager should try to study the reactions in the mind of the customer. It is never wise to force him to speak and smile. Silent type of customers may have strong views. So that the approach of the sales manager must be in the tone of the silent type of customers. He must develop a friendly attitude towards the customer. Moreover, the sales manager must explain in detail the selling points of the product to the customers, so the customer may be convinced to purchase the products.