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4 useful procedures for handling customer objections

Procedure for handling objections: The following are the important procedures for handling objections: (a)Listening attentively (b)Cushioning the jolt (c) Anticipating  objections (d)Preventing objections.

How to arouse customer interest towards your product ?

Once the attention of the prospect is drawn towards the product, his interest in that product should be developed for maintaining that attention. Creating interest is highly essential because attention is usually temporary.

8 effective tips to salespersons for converting customer rejections into sales

Overcoming objections is really a delicate stage that makes or mars the chain of selling process that has already reached a near final stage. Irrespective of the types of objections raised by the prospects, certain hints or points are worth pondering; responding to objections in a helpful manner requires careful thought and preparation.

How a salesman should handle rejections properly?

In any case, a real salesman is never insulted by a refusal. He knows and believes that a customer has every right to say ‘no’, the same way as the salesman himself has when he is a customer.

What should be the attitude of a salesman towards the customer objections?

What should be the attitude of a salesman towards the customer objections? That is how he is to look at them? Do they irritate and annoy salesman as unnecessary time-wasters which presents him from closing the sale? Has he thought of them as doubts in the customer’s mind that he likes to clarify?

How to Deal With A Sarcastic Type Customer?

Sarcasm is the warehouse of such customers. Sarcastic customers are known for making sarcastic or castigating statements which are silly, meaningless, insulting, chilly and provocative. Whatever he wants to say, he say indirectly with a taunt and a tinge of insult or humiliation.

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