How to Deal With A Conceited Type Customer ?


He is known by alternative words like pompous or snob or vain type. He is a kind of customer who has a very high opinion about himself. Self-concept in the major mark of such customer. He is self-pumped and, therefore, swollen personality. He believes very strongly that he has some specially may be talent, official position, wealth, social esteem and the like. What is worst and that according to him others do not have such speciality. He thinks that he deserves a special respect, compliment and recognition. That as why, he is found very happy whenever, he is flattered, talked high off as he has his own opinion about him. He is prepared to be anything for others if one goes on his lives. He is interested in showmanship of his pomp and valour which may be true or false.

By nature, he is busy in selecting those products which he can not really afford easily. Therefore, salesman should capitalist on this by taking the opportunity of presenting costlier Bid rare varieties. Much respect should flow firm salesman in favor of the customer. Pumping the customer costs nothing. With all that he is a safe customer where the art of flattery, appreciation, listening and adaptability pay rich rewards for the efforts.

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