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How to Deal With children customer ?

Children are not only pure consumers but have their deep impact or purchases of the family. It is very difficult to define as to who are children if we speak in terms of age. Experts differ widely as to what shall be the age group of children. However, children are those who develop differentiation senses.

How to Deal With A Friendly Type Customer ?

Friendly or jovial type of customer is one who has no pride, pomp, egoism and arguments. He has a friendly attitude towards any one he meets and so with salesman. He enters the shop with his stylish expressions, greetings as if he is very close friend.

How to Deal With A Impatient Type Customer ?

Impatient customer suffers from lack of tolerance. Intolerance in the mark of such a customer. He hates delay and wants that he should be given priority in settling his transaction, Slight wastage of time in attending him, irritates him and he shouts with loud voice as if a great injustice has been done to him.

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