How to Deal With A Sarcastic Type Customer?


Sarcasm is the warehouse of such customers. Sarcastic customers are known for making sarcastic or castigating statements which are silly, meaningless, insulting, chilly and provocative. Whatever he wants to say, he say indirectly with a taunt and a tinge of insult or humiliation. Salesman, for that matter any on; gets provocative and things move from mouth to hands.

However, such a slap, if attempted,! costlier for the salesman. His ironical statements are to be absorbed first at any rate. Customer” pride in exhibiting his still of sarcasm should be welcomed with all the smile though biting.

It is known that such a customer is fascinated by the statements of his own, as others ca hardly make with same efficiency and effectiveness. The remarks which blow him hot and coli should be ignored in his own interest. He is to be more pragmatic. He should never rebound the taunt. As he is at the receiving end, he must absorb them as he is to sell. Instead of getting hot and serious, he should make a smiling face as it is the best should against the torrential showering of statements. In fact, the salesman should appreciate and congratulate on his superb ability of sarcasm. Tact, experience and tolerance are the effective medicines for such patient.

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