Divine power has made all the difference and distinction is this world where human species is not an exception. The customers may be physically and mentally handicapped by birth or by an operation in the course of surgery or by accidents. He may be blind, dumb, deaf, with polio impact, with defective speech. These persons are those who have to suffer because of their sins or curses by others.  Handicapped persons are not necessarily social destitute. They are more interested in equality of treatment. They do not want sympathy and little support to move on. Though they are physically or mentally capped, they do not want to be called so because, they have high self-respect, will-power to stand on their own legs. It is their ill-luck that the opportunities that are available to normal man and woman are not fully available. They have purchasing power hence, they want treatment the way they wanted to be treated.

The salesman should respect these persons and should appreciate the persons ability, Clements in spite of his or her physical disability. They deserve a special treatment. By if extra care for these, the salesman earns a good name for him and for his firm. His little cries towards these persons are offering a chair or stool for a person who is standing on crutches, going to him instead of calling and attending on counter. He should know the art of communicating by signs in case of deafs and dumbs. In case of blind, he should use his sixth sense or become his third eye. In case of deafs, he can use rubber pipe to communicate and so on.