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What are the common buying motives of customers ?

“Buying motives are psychological, not logical”. Psychology is the science which analyses and classifies the varying states of the human mind. It is a science which studies the human mind. In his day-today contacts, the salesman meets various types of persons with different requirements and reactions.

What is the significance of studying buying motives of customers ?

Buying motives are the “inner feelings” of the buyers and he tries to satisfy them at any rate to the maximum possible extent. Buying motives being model of consumer mind on specifications play an important role in the whole scheme of selling and therefore, production.

9 rational product buying motives of customers

A man is a rational being. He thinks before leap. He has ability of creative thinking and rational judgment. It is the rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals.

9 emotional product buying motives of customers

Emotional product motives which induce the prospect to decide to purchase a product without much reasoning. These motives a rise due to some emotional factors like pride, jealousy etc. the emotional product motives may be further divided into following types:

Brief note on buying motive of customers

Buying Motives” are motives which make people to buy things. Professor D. J. Duncan, defined buying motives as “those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action or determine choice in purchase of goods and services.”

5 salesmanship methods for attracting the attention of customers

Attracting attention is the first phase of his selling process. In this phase, a salesman tries to draw the attention of the customers towards the commodities presented by him. In fact, selling work starts from here. It is why this phase is known as the first step in selling the goods.

How a salesman should deal with women customers ?

Women are one of the difficult types of customer. They are regarded as home ministers of the family, and most of the purchases are made by them. The latest statistics reveal that it is women who control 75% of the family purchases.

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