9 emotional product buying motives of customers


(i) Pride

It is a common experience of everybody to come across some persons, who want to be admired, and appreciated by others. They want to be respected by others and feel proud of their social status, activities, birth in family, salary, powers enjoyed, etc. because of this special characteristics ‘Pride’, they want to possess some costly products , and luxury items.

(ii) Vanity


Vanity is a virtue of women. Vanity is making empty showmanship. That is, they will buy goods which they really do not need but can afford. It makes a rich man show off his wealth by buying a very costly diamond, a rare painting or carving, a bungalow with all modern luxuries.

(iii) Jealousy

Jealousy is an important buying motive. There are people, who are jealous of others and they buy certain articles to impress their neighbors or relatives. Although men are not free from clutches of jealousy, still it is more associated with ladies. Therefore, women customers can be induced to buy jewelleries, sarees, costly vanity bags and shawls by tactful use of this motive.

(iv) Initiation


People consciously or unconsciously imitate the “big men”. Men and women often imitate the actors or actress in their dresses and hairstyles. People use certain toilet soaps because they are told of some ‘Miss World’ or ‘Miss Universe’ using the same. Imitation of the political leaders in their dress and manners is a common thing. Therefore, new companies, generally advertise their products with the help of popular film stars, sportsmen, and athletes to appeal to this motive of buyers.

(v) Sex and Romance

This is one of the strongest buying motives; next to food. Girls like to dress in the latest style and look smart particularly to attract and please the members of opposite sex. Similarly boys also like to look neat, tidy, fashionable and handsome in them presence of girls. Consumers purchase face-powder and cream, perfumes, lipsticks, sunglasses, services like beauty-parlor, hair-dying, etc., to love and beloved by the opposite sex.

(vi) Comfort


Everybody wants to live a comfortable life rather than a discomfort able one. But all can not afford to purchase the articles which provide comforts. Those persons who have enough money and who want the comforts can only purchase the required articles to fulfill this motive. Gas ovens, electrical heaters, scooters, car this, foam beds, air-conditioners and coolers, fridges, etc., provide comforts.

(vii) Love and Affection

Human beings are basically social animals. The motive of love and affection for their near and dear ones is quite natural. The affection or attachment may be due to blood relationship, friendship, or any other type of attachment. Affection for children may be responsible for buying things like baby food, chocolates, toys, ice-creams, etc. Love for wife may be responsible for buying things like ornaments, sarees, cosmetics, etc., while love for husband may lead to buying articles like pens, ties etc.

(viii) Habits


Man is a slave of habits. Habits are easy to make, but difficult to break. Habit once made become the basic needs. People are not rational when they are smoking cigarettes, beedis, drinking wine, chewing tobacco, stitching clothes at a particular tailoring shop, haircutting at a particular saloon, etc. In salesmanship, the significance of habit should be fully realized as many people buy things to which they are driven by habit. Therefore, at the beginning the salesman should continuously persuade customers to make them habituated with the product in which he deals. Once they are habituated, little or persuasion is necessary to sell.

(ix) Admiration/ Praise

Some customers like to be admired or praised by others. Salesman should also take into consideration the motive of admiration while selling goods. Praising the customer at an appropriate moment may have good effects. The wise salesman praised judiciously. It costs nothing and pays such huge dividends. Therefore, a person goes on buying those goods that make him praiseworthy. Thus, a person may buy an expensive set of furniture or carpet as he desires to be admired or praised by his neighbours, friends and relatives.

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