What is the significance of studying buying motives of customers ?


Buying motives are the “inner feelings” of the buyers and he tries to satisfy them at any rate to the maximum possible extent. Buying motives being model of consumer mind on specifications play an important role in the whole scheme of selling and therefore, production. A salesman sales those products and service wanted by the buyers and therefore, his firm produces or stocks those are likely or sure to be sold a profit to the owner and satisfaction to the buyer. The significance of buying motive are as follows:

(i)They are the basis in product planning and developments.

(ii) They are determinants of pricing policies.


(iii) They are helpful in designing promotional policies.

(iv)They are planks of distribution policies.

So buying motive have direct correlation with each ‘P’ of market mix. No successful business house is capable of designing and implementing suitable market mix without reference to buying motives of customers because, consumer is the kingpin in the whole scheme of marketing.

Link buying motive with selling points


The links of buying motive with selling points are as follows:

(a) Buying motive is the inner feeling or the usage that propels the person to buy a particular product. Selling points are the seller statements or specification. The deal takes place if the consumer expectation matches with those of seller’s offers and specifications.

(b) Buying motive explain the reasons as to why the customer buys a particular product. These buying motives provide a solid base on which the selling house or salesman develops the selling.

(c) Taking consumer as the king of modern marketing system, we come to the conclusion that it is the buying motive first from which selling points stem.


(d) The phrase selling point or talking point is much more comprehensive than buying-motive. A single telling-point is capable of catering to so many buying motives at a time, but a single buying-motive can not meet the magnitude of any selling point.


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