5 salesmanship methods for attracting the attention of customers


Attracting attention is the first phase of his selling process. In this phase, a salesman tries to draw the attention of the customers towards the commodities presented by him. In fact, selling work starts from here. It is why this phase is known as the first step in selling the goods. Although the attentions of the customers vary from time to time, the salesman should try to drag it by concentrating on the product. Unless customers’ attention is secured by the salesman, the selling process can not be developed further.

Methods of Attracting Attention

There are good many ways in which a customer’s attention can be attracted. The following are some of the important methods:

(i) Talking something of customer’s interest


People are mostly interested in themselves and a customer is not exception to this. His own affairs are more interesting to him than anything else in this world. Therefore, the best way to draw his attention is to talk on such matters of his individual interest.

(ii) Asking interesting questions

A salesman gets attention of a prospect by asking a question, which will interest him. A question necessitates a reply from the customer who is forced to pay attention to the question to prepare a proper answer. However, the questions should not be irritating to the customer; rather it should be friendly, interesting and capable for creating curiosity. Moreover, the questions should be tactfully put.

(iii) Advertisements


Advertisement is one of the common media to draw the attention of consumers towards products the services. They may be of two types: direct and indirect. Circulars, letters, pamphlets, literature, catalogues, booklets, etc., are examples of direct advertisement. These advertisements are meant specifically for consumers and are directed at them. This method is more suitable where consumers are limited. On the other hand, indirect advertising is not meant specifically for anybody. It is made to the whole universe. Advertisements through newspapers, magazine, radio, television, cinema posters, etc., are example of indirect advertising. Almost all manufactures follow this method of advertising to draw the attention of customers.

(iv) Display

Display implies putting the things to the view of the people’s mind in a concrete way. Displays attract the attention and hold it for a long time. The thing displayed need not be a product; it can be a picture or a piece of literature relating to the product. The eyes always catch a thing more promptly than any other organ. Something concrete, vivid and graphic, if presented clearly appeals most and helps to convince the customer more easily. The attention is drawn immediately by showing the thing. No description can be a good substitute for actual sample. To see is to believe. “One picture is equal to ten thousand words” goes a Chinese proverb.

(v) Showmanship and dramatic appeals


Showmanship and dramatic appeals are at times successful attention winners. It may be a case history, telling a story, referring to a specific problem, giving out findings of a survey, showing an exhibit and so on. Anything that is unnatural, unexpected and uncommon is sure to hold attention.

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