9 rational product buying motives of customers


A man is a rational being. He thinks before leap. He has ability of creative thinking and rational judgment. It is the rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals. Reasoning plays an important and predominant role in his actions, activities and decisions. Rational motives are not based on emotions, whims, etc., rather on reasoning or judgment. Rational product buying motives, which are dependent on products, are:

(i) Durability

Durability refers to the quality of longer lasting. In these days of rising prices, consumers think much in terms of durability, quality and reliability of the product before investing their hard-earned money in purchasing the same. They are prepared to pay higher prices for durable goods. Thus, durability is of prime importance to the customers. While selling consumer durables such as cars, two wheelers, washing machines, sewing machines, furniture, fans, raincoat, etc. The salesman should give more emphasis of this motive.


(ii) Suitability

Suitability refers fitting well to a particular situation. It is one of the most important rational product motives. Customers pay much attention to this factor to have maximum advantage. Goods which are more suitable to the customers are purchased by the people. Articles of different sizes are available and some are suitable to some persons, whereas some to others. Which is suitable to whom depends on many factors such as paying capacity, size of the family, size of the house and others? The size of the fridge, dining-table, water-filter, utensils, car, and pressure cooker must suit to the size of the family and income.

(iii) Safety

Everyone is afraid of losing his health, wealth and life. As life and wealth are uncertain, tension mounts when a man has too much money, bad health, more enemies, in travelling, in swimming, in playing, eating, drinking and so on. These fears and tensions have made men too cautious because, precaution is better than cure. Therefore, the motive of fear plays an important role while buying the articles like vitamin pills, tonics, insurance policies, iron chests, guns, etc. Thus, fear or safety is one of the strongest buying motives.


(iv) Economy

Human wants are unlimited, but means to satisfy them are limited. Therefore, consumers prefer products that give more economy in every respect. Some people visit different stores and shops to purchase the best for a limited amount of money. Savings in operation and maintenance cost are also considered. For example, Bajaj scooters are purchased at a higher price because of its economy in petrol consumption and maintenance.

(v) Convenience

It is another important buying motive. Convenience speaks of saving in valuable time, mental and physical exertion. For example, students need not exercise their brain too much when pocket calculators are available, people do not like to climb staircases when lift is available. Therefore, goods like electric heaters, remote control TV sets, water coolers, lighters etc., can be sold easily by a salesman by approaching this motive to consumers.


(vi) Versatility

Versatility is that of quality of a product which allows its user to put it to alternative uses. Any product which is versatile can be used for a number of purposes did not therefore liked by the consumers. For example, folding sofa sets can be used for sitting and for sleeping as cots. If one is in need of cots and chairs for his domestic use, he usually prefers to purchase the sofa set.

(vii) Profit or Cupidity

Almost every individual has the motives to save or to make more and more profits in minimum possible time. By explaining a customer that purchase of certain type of goods will result in saving or profit, a salesman can induce him to buy. For example, a wholesaler can induce a retailer to a buy a large quantity of his goods by taping the motive of profit. A salesman dealing with pressure-cooker can induce a housewife to buy one by telling her that she can save much cooking gas by using it.


(viii) Curiosity

Curiosity refers to a thirst for knowing more and more and learning more and more. Children are curious to know so many things to which they are not exposed. Grown upon people also have much curiosity, but in women it is more pronounced than in men. The desire to learn or see something new and satisfy one’s curiosity is strong in many people .it may be a new toy, a new film, a place, an article, a story, a model or a process.

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