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5 most important Motives of Military intervention in India

National motives become a factor when military intervention is based on officer’s conception of the national interest. For example, in Pakistan the threat of national disintegration prompted military intervention in October 1958.

Brief notes on Psychological Motives

The psychological motives are also known as personal motives. These motives are personal in the sense that they are very specific to the person psychological make up of the individual.

Brief Notes on Social Motives

Social motives are otherwise known as acquired or learned motives. These some complex forms of motives, which result mainly from man’s interaction with his social environment

Brief notes on the Measurement of Human Motives

It is not easy to measure human motives. The attempts made earlier proved to be too complex. Apart from the practical difficulties involved in putting people into an activity wheel, the very idea of measuring human motivation through activity is ridiculous.

9 rational product buying motives of customers

A man is a rational being. He thinks before leap. He has ability of creative thinking and rational judgment. It is the rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals.

9 emotional product buying motives of customers

Emotional product motives which induce the prospect to decide to purchase a product without much reasoning. These motives a rise due to some emotional factors like pride, jealousy etc. the emotional product motives may be further divided into following types:

What are the roles of Needs and Motives on our Perception?

A number of studies was conducted in the late 1940s and 1950s to show the impact of motives and needs on perception. Despite methodological imitations and inconsistencies, most of those studies point to the fact that our perception is largely guided by our immediate needs and motives.

Who else wants to know the secret of group influence on buying motives ?

In the area of psychological determinants of consumer behaviour, it is seen from the point view of an individual and how buying motives make him to behave this way or that way ever, man is a social animal and, therefore, sociologist and social psychologists have attempted to explain the behaviour of a group of individuals […]

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