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9 rational product buying motives of customers

A man is a rational being. He thinks before leap. He has ability of creative thinking and rational judgment. It is the rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals.

9 emotional product buying motives of customers

Emotional product motives which induce the prospect to decide to purchase a product without much reasoning. These motives a rise due to some emotional factors like pride, jealousy etc. the emotional product motives may be further divided into following types:

Brief note on buying motive of customers

Buying Motives” are motives which make people to buy things. Professor D. J. Duncan, defined buying motives as “those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action or determine choice in purchase of goods and services.”

Who else wants to know the secret of group influence on buying motives ?

In the area of psychological determinants of consumer behaviour, it is seen from the point view of an individual and how buying motives make him to behave this way or that way ever, man is a social animal and, therefore, sociologist and social psychologists have attempted to explain the behaviour of a group of individuals […]

What is the difference between Buying Motives and Selling Points?

We have reached now that stage of discussion where it is unavoidable to note the minute points of difference between ‘buying motives’ and the ‘selling points’. It is so because, for good any people, there is no difference between the two closely interlinked terms. It is quite acceptable case of those who are lay-men.

Brief note on the buying policies of a customer

The first chunk of sizing up process namely ‘Character analysis’ is a must to read the mind of a customer to gauge him to adopt an approach to convert his desires or needs into – ants. However, we are going by external features where one may come to wrong conclusions.

The Cinderella Guide to trace the buying motive of customers

Perhaps, the toughest job of a salesman is that of tracing the buying motives of prospects or customers. Customer is a complex of buying motives and it is really difficult identify all the motives their influence on the buying behaviour.

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