The first chunk of sizing up process namely ‘Character analysis’ is a must to read the mind of a customer to gauge him to adopt an approach to convert his desires or needs into – ants. However, we are going by external features where one may come to wrong conclusions. However, it is equally essential to know exactly as to what are the requirements of a customer. This is possible if the salesman uncovers the buying policy of a prospect. The mistakes that he is likely to commit in character finding may be offset or reduced to a very great extent, in case has a through knowledge about the policy of a customer.

The buying policy refers to the course ::’ actions the buyer resorts to maximise his satisfaction for the money he spends. Thus, a policy of a buyer is to buy his requirements from a single shop or from different shop or shops; his purchase quantities and time intervals of purchases; cash or credit purchases or the mix of the two. The quality expectations are likely to differ as very high, high normal low, very low. It is the delicate task of a salesman to look to each of these before he harps on his fine art of persuasion.