Write a brief note on sizing up a customer


Sizing up a customer is to diagnosing a prospect. It is the character detection and analysis, this is the art of tracing the particulars of a customer he meets. It is the psychological investigation so that he can present his view-points, the talk in the most matching way; into interest and interest into demand and finally make him to react favourably resulting in sale. For the sale of clear understanding, ‘sizing up’ can be divided into three distinct activities namely, “character finding” the “buying policy” of a customer and “other means”.

A physician’s diagnosis is the basis for prognosis. A patient’s ailment or disease can be controlled and eradicated only when the diagnoses correctly ne causes of disease through the symptoms and other indicators and reflexes; he conducts certain tests to confirm the occurrence of a given disease and and prescribes the medicine —dosage-the duration of the course, dieting, tonics and other conditions for early recovery. The position of a salesman as not very much different from such a physician. He sizes his prospect to measure the girth of his motives, needs, desires from his mind and applies the persuasive technique of appealing to those motives for positive results. A salesman owes his victory in selling line not only due to perfect product knowledge and his rare ability to portray them, but also of his ability to diagnose.

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