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Sales Promotion: Definition, Meaning, Techniques, Importance and Advantages

Sales promotion is an action which increases the volume of sales. In a broad sense, the term ‘sales promotion’ refers to promotion because all the activities of personal selling, publicity, ad­vertising and sales promotion lead to the enhancement of sales. However, the meaning of sales promotion has been technically defined to include display, demonstration, contests […]

Sales Management

“Sales management” originally referred to the designing, planning and directing sales force personnel to achieve the organizational objectives. In the words of Rachman and Romano, “Sales management includes recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, motivating and evaluating the sales force.” Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Sales Management 2. Meaning of Sales Management 3. Definitions 4. Objectives 5. […]


Product is the first and the foremost element of marketing mix. If the product itself is defective no other element can improve its performance. A firm expresses itself through its products and services. Therefore, planning and development of products is a vital issue in business. A product is an aggregate of various tangible and intangible […]

9 rational product buying motives of customers

A man is a rational being. He thinks before leap. He has ability of creative thinking and rational judgment. It is the rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals.

9 emotional product buying motives of customers

Emotional product motives which induce the prospect to decide to purchase a product without much reasoning. These motives a rise due to some emotional factors like pride, jealousy etc. the emotional product motives may be further divided into following types:

How to secure customer confidence on your product ?

“Conviction” means winning the confidence of the prospect by clearing all the possible doubts regarding a product. Once the desire is created in the minds of the prospects, it is responsibility of the salesman to remove doubts and convince the prospect that product is useful and sound.

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