Here is your paragraph on the emotional buying motive of customers


Emotional patronage motive are quite dependent on the will of the customers. Because of a customer’s emotion which is attached to a particular store, he does not apply his mind or intelligence while purchasing a particular article.

(i) Appearance

Customers are generally fascinated by the beautiful appearance of the shop. A well decorated, lighted, colorful store attracts a large number of customers.


(ii) Recommendation of friends and relatives

Sometimes customers prefer to purchase commodities from a particular shop on the basis of recommendations given by their friends and relatives. These persons recommend because they are satisfied with a particular selling house may be the best for Mr. X while this may be worst for Mr. Y.

(iii) Imitation

There are many final users who are made after imitation. Thus if users who are made after imitation. Thus if Dharmendra is entering Taj Inter-Continental Hotel at Bombay, others do enjoy, if not a meal, at least a cup of tea at a pretty high price. This motive is stronger in case of ladies. However, this motive is a short-lived one.


(iv) Prestige

People having wealth, high social status want to maintain prestige. Some people drink more Vat-69 only than whisky, rum or brandy, because they think it as a prestige for them. Some people use imported goods like watches, transistors, and clothing irrespective of paying high cost.

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