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169 Words Paragraph on safety First

Accidents on roads have become very common these days. With the rapid growth in traffic, the roads of Delhi have Decoma more dangerous and risky in recent years.

Essay for IAS Exams on Road Safety In Delhi

Essay for IAS Exams Road Safety In Delhi. During the fifties Delhi was described to be ‘the biggest village’ of the world. The concept of planned development of Delhi had its origin in the sixties.

6 safety measures for avoiding fire in your home

Fires can cause damage to life and property. Fires are mostly caused by carelessness. People are in a hurry and neglect to take necessary precautions for prevention of fires.

11 home safety measures for avoiding accidental falls

A large number of accidents occur in homes, such as falls, fire, suffocation, cuts, injuries and poisoning. Amongst very young people, accidents are mainly due to lack of knowledge, experience and skills.

5 most essential home safety measures for children’s

There is no place in the world where accidents do not occur. The Home is sweet, but sometimes bitter acci­dents take place in the home. By petty accidents within the four walls of their homes many important personalities have died.

Notes on safety measures to avoid road accidents

The large number of children killed on the roads is a strong argument for any possible means of prevention. Again training, reinforced by example, is the most important factor.

Safety measures to avoid accidents in your school

Most of the accidents occur among the children during the age group of 6 to 15, when they spend most of their time in the school campus. So the school plays a great role in preventing the common accidents which lead to perma­nent disability in some cases. The common accidents in the school are:

Essay on Labour Safety and Welfare in India

One of the major concerns of the Government has been the improvement of labour welfare and safety with increasing produc­tivity and provision of a reasonable level of social security.

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