Electricity is a marvelous thing for it gives us so many comforts. It gives us light, heat, helps to cook food, keep food cool and many other things, but we have to be very careful in its use for it may cause fires. There is great danger of electrocution from handling live wires carelessly. In most homes, accidents arise due to defective wiring, defective electrical appliances and improper use of electrical equip­ment.

i. Faulty electrical appliances and equipment must be properly handled and repaired promptly.

ii. Proper maintenance of electric wiring and fuses is essential. Fuses should not be replaced with ones of higher amperage or with thick wires or tin foils.

iii. Disconnect electrical gadgets when not in use.


iv. Store all electrical appliances properly in a safe place and guard them from children.

v. Electric wires or cords, if faulty, should never be used until repaired.

vi. Electric gadgets should be repaired only by a qualified person.

vii. Appliances like an electric iron should not be left on, whilst attending to other jobs.


viii.Ventilation holes in a television set should never be covered for it may generate enough heat to cause a fire.

ix. Short circuiting in electric wires may also start a fire.

x. In case of a fire caused by electricity, first the current should be cut off and only then steps taken to extinguish the fire.

xi. Learn how to use the main switch for the electric supply in your house.


xii. Children should be given proper training in the handling of electrical appliances.

xiii.Never touch electrical equipment with wet hands.

xiv.When working with electricity do not stand on metal, wet concrete or wet ground. It is wiser to stand on a rubber-mat or a dry wooden platform.

xv. Broken electric wires after storms can be dangerous. Stay away from them until the current is switched off or discon­nected and call for help.