Accidents on roads have become very common these days. With the rapid growth in traffic, the roads of Delhi have Decoma more dangerous and risky in recent years. Therefore, “Safety First” should be the slogan and aim of every person using the roads in Delhi, and in other parts of the country. Most often accidents occur because of negligent and rash driving, and lack of proper knowledge of traffic-rules. Violation of the rules of traffic and the road are also the major cause of these accidents. Accidents should always be avoided. Pedestrians should always be very careful while on roads. Then there are frequent fire accidents. In most cases, they happen because of human errors and negligence. Accidents in factories and construction work are also very common. People should be made safety-conscious$. Workers and professionals should be given proper training in safety measures. They should be taught what effective steps to take immediately after art accident. Accidents cause much personal and national loss in terms of men and material.