The large number of children killed on the roads is a strong argument for any possible means of prevention. Again training, reinforced by example, is the most important factor. If a child is taught always to pause and look both ways before stepping into the road, and if he sees his elders invariably doing so, a habit will become ingrained which will help him to stand in good stead.

To prevent children from various type of road accidents one should be careful from the very beginning. To avoid accidents in the road, following steps may be taken;

(i) Small children should not be allowed alone on busy main roads until they can assimilate such teaching of rules of roads.

(ii) Children should not be allowed to play in roads on which there is much traffic.


(iii) With very young children in a house which opens straight onto a road or has only a small garden it may be necessary to put up a gate at the house- door or to adjust the fastener of the garden gate so that a child can not open it and go outside.

(iv) The children should learn the rules of ‘dressing the road’, they should remember them and obey them,

(a) Do not cross until the road is clear. Look to the right. Then look to the left. Then look to the right again and then cross.

(b) Go straight across. Do not cross at an angle.


(c) Walk quickly but calmly. Do not run.

(d) Watch out for cars, buses etc.

(e) Always use zebra crossing if there is one. If necessary stay on the zebra crossing at the time of crossing the road.

(f) Always obey traffic light signals. If the light is red, do not cross. It the light is red and the road is clear do not cross. Wait until the light changes to green. Look to see if the road is clear. Then only cross the road.


(v) At the time of walking along the road always use the pavement or foot path if there is one. If there is no pavement walk on the right side of the road keep close to the side. Do not run in the road. Do not play in the road.

(vi) While using a bus or a tram the children should remember.

(a) Do not try to get on until the passengers have got off.

(b) Do not get off until the bus has stopped.


(c) After you get off, do not try to cross the road until the bus has moved off, as many people are hit by cars when they step out the road from behind a bus.

(vii) The children should be taught to obey the signs made by a policeman. If they do not, two things may happen. They may be hurt or may-be punished as they are breaking the law of the road, (viii) Most of the accidents occur when it is raining; people are in a hurry because they do not want to get wet. They rush across the road without looking right or to the left.

They often cannot see clearly because they hold umbrellas in front of them, the cars take longer time to stop when the road is wet. So when it is raining us more careful to avoid unwanted accidents.