So many lives are lost in road accidents every year. Many of them are pedestrians. The negligence in crossing a busy road is one of the main reasons for this. Open eyes and an alert mind is required to cross a busy street. Any wrong step can be fatal. A rush of cars, buses, scooters and all types of vehicles makes crossing of street very difficult. One should be careful enough not to cross the road from any point except 2ebra crossing made for this purpose. They are meant for the use of pedestrians. It ensures safety and security. We should obey the traffic signals which are given to regulate traffic. One should cross the road only when there is red signal for traffic to stop. Look on the either side of the road before crossing the road. One should not indulge in undue and indecent haste while crossing the road. So it is necessary to take every precaution while crossing the road so that we may not be one who throws his life every year on the road.