Most of the accidents occur among the children during the age group of 6 to 15, when they spend most of their time in the school campus. So the school plays a great role in preventing the common accidents which lead to perma­nent disability in some cases. The common accidents in the school are:

(i) The school campus should be fenced properly to avoid various types of incidents which occur by playing in the nearby roads.

(ii) The children should be advised not to climb the compound wall of tree nearby as they may fall and their limbs or other parts of the body may be fractured or injured.

(iii) The children very often cut their fingers by razor or blade at the time of sharpening the pencils. So proper steps should be taken to avoid such type of incidents by using pencil cutter instead of razor or blade.


(iv) Children are very fond of pins, chalks and pencils. Sometimes they put them in their ears, mouths and nostrils and cause severe injury to them. They also swallow the pin unconsciously and put to great trouble. The small pencils or sticks may remain in their nostrils and ears such type of incidents can be avoided by the proper care of the teachers at the time of play most of the students are injured by fowl playing. So the P.E.T. should impress upon the students to follow the rules and regulations of different games correctly. It is seen that sometimes the children quarrel with each other for petty things and throw stones and bricks to each other which leads to major injury to the different parts of the body. So the students- should be taught not to quarrel with each other and the bad affects of it.