6 safety measures for avoiding fire in your home


Fires can cause damage to life and property. Fires are mostly caused by carelessness. People are in a hurry and neglect to take necessary precautions for prevention of fires. Hence with a little care, colossal loss and discomfort can be prevented. The following com­mon safety measures in the home help to minimize the risk of fire:

i. Matchboxes, burning stoves, open fires and electrical gadgets should be kept out of reach of children. They should not be left unattended.

ii. A burning candle or a flame should never be in the room when one goes to bed. Lighted kerosene lamps, candles, wicklamps can be overturned by wind or rats, whilst one is asleep causing dangerous fires.


iii. Window or door curtains should not be allowed to blow over open flames.

iv. Kerosene, petrol, diesel, varnishes and turpentine oil are highly inflammable and if stored in the house should have proper air-tight containers.

v. Any inflammable substance used for household cleaning should never be brought near an open flame.

vi. No one should smoke while in bed.

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