What should be the attitude of a salesman towards the customer objections?


What should be the attitude of a salesman towards the objections? That is how he is to look at them? Do they irritate and annoy salesman as unnecessary time-wasters which presents him from closing the sale? Has he thought of them as doubts in the customer’s mind that he likes to clarify?

In a survey, research was conducted to find out how salespeople reacted to objections. It was found that:

44 percent gave up after receiving the first objection.


22 percent gave up after receiving the second objection.

16 percent gave up after receiving the third objection.

10 percent gave up after receiving the fourth objection.

Which left only 8 percent of the salespeople to still sell!


The survey showed that 73 percent of the customer voiced five or more objections, before placing an order!

The attitude of a salesman towards objections depends on his depth and length experience. For a beginner, such objections amount to total blockades resulting in refusal buy; or such an inexperienced salesman might get himself disheartened as a sensitive guy. Fact, objections are integral part of the selling process. It is unfortunate that many salesman walk out of an interview very happy the customer has given them a patient hearing, nodded ; the time and raised any controversial issues. In fact, this is a very poor interview.

It or demonstrates that the customer has not been stimulated, has not asked questions and therefore will not buy perhaps. It aptly said: “It is dangerous not to have any objection”. It is also said rightly, “Every salesman can train himself to deal with objections.” Salesman can not ever be selling a product or service that has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages. Salesman Company and products are bound to have some demerits in comparison with competitions. The product that becomes the market leader is the one where merits are highlighted very successful and disadvantages downplayed.

When a salesman really thinks about it, a product seldom has more than six possible objections. Customers may put across objections in different ways, in different words. However the essence is usually the same: objections of quality-price-delivery, packaging-promotion and discount. Once the salesman sits down and analyses the genesis of the basic objections, he can come prepared with answers. These answers can be developed (1.) with the help and advice of his sales-manager (2.) from the experiences of his colleagues who have had similar problems and have successfully found solutions. (3.) from his own experience after testing out various answers in the field and then narrowing down to those that work.


In plain or hurdleless race, any one can win. However, in case of hurdle-race is the real test of any runner. Such a salesman, in due course finds these hurdle as a must in the sales talk without which there will be no fun, challenge or the thrill. It is the seasoning of his in the line that pushes him to welcome and overcome these objections.

Whether, the salesman is a novice or seasoned one, should remember that the objections are the stepping stones for refined success; he should welcome them, convert them into opportunities because they indicate the prospect’s line of thinking. He should have a positive attitude. The clouds of objection are too made of rain than being chased and cleared away.

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