4 useful procedures for handling customer objections


Procedure for handling objections: The following are the important procedures for handling objections: (a)Listening attentively (b)Cushioning the jolt (c) Anticipating  objections (d)Preventing objections.

(a) Listening attentively

While meeting objections, the salesman should listen to the prospect attentively. He should not interrupt the prospect. Such patience proves to be of great help. The prospects enthusiasm to raise further objections is lost.


(b) Cushioning the jolt

The cushion technique makes the shock of objection lighter. A third party is placed, be the customer’s objections and salesman’s views, the cushion is neutral judge.

(c) Anticipating objections

Under this procedure, the salesman anticipates the objections and answers them before the customer raise it. The salesman can cover all possible objections to be raised by the prospect and their possible answers during his sales talk. As such the prospect’s objections are killed before they are born.


(d) Preventing objections

The salesman should be very cautious in sales talk. He must surrender his ego. The salesman should also prevent hurting ego of customers. All objections should be met in a tactful and inoffensive manner so that the prospect’s sentiments are not hurt.

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