What are the different ways for salesman to overcome customer objections ?


An objection shows disapproval of salesman’s action. It is an adverse opinion, argument or a barrier created by the prospect. Such opposition or resistance indicates that buying decisions is still to be reached.

Every salesman confronts resistance and opposition in the form of silence, questions and objections. Are reasons for raising of objections are as follows:

(a)Educated and tactful customers raise objections to test the salesman’s knowledge and patience.


(b) When the customer is not convinced fully by the salesman about the product.

(c) False objections are raised by the customers having no financial ability.

(d) When the customers are not able to understand fully.

(e) When the salesman pressurizes or adopts any unfair means on the prospects.


(f) Some customers raise objections merely to postpone buying or really do not want to buy.

Every salesman has to encounter objection. His success lies in how delicately he can handle them. The following are some principle this to handle the objections.

(i) Listen attentively

It is important for the salesman to hear the prospect out. He must be as much interested in receiving the objections and removing them as in processing sales. This helps to release the tension and feed his ego. It also provides clear understanding to explain and clarify doubts. Any act of inattention, interruption or loss of temper would certainly minimize chances of success.


(ii) Do not ignore

A salesman should not ignore genuine objections. However trivial or insignificant they may be, he has to look to prospect’s point of view and respect his feelings.

(iii) Do not argue

One must always remember the golden principle in salesmanship. It is better to lose an argument than to lose a sale. Debating an issue antagonizes the prospect and intensifies the opposition. He may first of all agree with his opinion and then politely submit facts to prove the point.


(iv) Do not offend

In removing objections, one has to contradict in an in offensive manner. A good salesman never blames the prospect. He even takes responsibly of admitting deficiency to avoid hurting his sentiments.

(v) Cushion the jolt

This technique acts as a shock-absorber to lessen the gravity of the objection. The salesman tries to soften the prospect’s stand by offering the cushion with statements like, “You are right. Many others have felt the same way.”


(vi) Anticipate objections

An experienced salesman foresees customer reactions and remains prepared to meet them effectively. Instead of letting things happen, he carefully plans the presentation by analyzing likely objections and covers significant selling points in his sales talk. This makes him confident and relaxed.

(vii) Prevent objections

An effective solution to objections is to prevent them. It is rightly said, Prevention is better than cure.”The salesman should try to take preventive measures so as to avoid committing common mistakes like overtaking, throwing a challenge or bypassing the main topic in which the prospect is interested.

(viii) Do not magnify

Objections should be minimized instead of magnified. The salesman has to assure the prospect that there is nothing serious to be bothered about. Undue importance must not be attached by explaining too much of details or giving a very long answer.

(ix) Keep control

In meeting objections, one has to maintain control being calm, cool and confident. The salesman should be the master of the show to guide the prospect towards the one and only objective of taking the buying decision. He must check out that doubts have been cleared and the buyer has understood and agreed to explanations given.

(x) Be positive

Sales resistance is a challenge. It is important whether a salesman nervous or bold to face it. He must react with a positive and determined more. If necessary, untrue and flimsy objections should be refuted firmly but fairly.

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