10 reasons for getting customer objections


On objections or sales resistances by a prospect in the expression of disapproval, action taken by the salesman are-

(a) When the customer is not convinced fully by the salesman about the product.

(b) Educated and tactful customers raise objections to test the salesman’s knowledge and patience.


(c) False objections are raised by the customers having no financial ability.

(d) When the customers are not able to understand the salesman fully.

(e) When the salesman pressurizes or adopts any unfair means on the prospects.

(f) Some customers raise objections nearly to postpone buying or really do not want to buy.


(g) There is a lack of communications between the parties.

(h) Application of pressure or use of unfair practices is irritating.

(i) Comparative analysis is sought before accepting a new product.

(j) The motive is to postpone or avoid a purchase.

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