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Essay on career as a salesman

The salesman should know about his own self and the sales career he possesses. It is the career which should be improved. Every career has its own merits and demerits.

How a salesman can ascertain the character of his customer ?

‘Salesmanship’ is the art of winning the hearts of consumers to dispose the firm’s products and services. It is the act of persuasion. It is the ability of a person to persuade the people to buy the goods and services for mutual gain, namely satisfaction to the buyer and profit to the seller.

Why is product knowledge necessary for a salesman?

A thorough knowledge of the product helps the salesman to increase sales, obtain larger orders and render better services to the customers. Up-to-date knowledge of the existing products as well as the new products is essential for the salesman to sell efficiently in competitive situations.

How a salesman can secure orders for his customer ?

Securing action means gaining an order. The outcome of first four stages should be in the actual purchase of the product. The customer must be induced to buy the product or place on order.

How a salesman should deal with elderly customers ?

Elderly customers generally are experienced in buying goods and they do not like to be advised by others. They feel if they are called ‘old. It is better to address them as ‘elderly’. They are serious and very careful in money matters.

How a salesman should deal with women customers ?

Women are one of the difficult types of customer. They are regarded as home ministers of the family, and most of the purchases are made by them. The latest statistics reveal that it is women who control 75% of the family purchases.

What are the Qualities of a good salesman?

Some salesman are born with certain qualities like they are gifted with certain talent. The nature of one’ this personality depends to a great extent on the heredity and environment.

How a salesman should handle rejections properly?

In any case, a real salesman is never insulted by a refusal. He knows and believes that a customer has every right to say ‘no’, the same way as the salesman himself has when he is a customer.

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