All can not be a successful travelling salesman or outdoor salesman as the type of job demands certain minimum requirements which can be called as the requisites for success. These are :

1. Sound Health:

Traveling salesman is the representative of the selling house who is always on the move under ever changing conditions of climate, food, water and the like. This demands robust or stubborn health to understand the rigors of these changes and challenges. He needs great deal of stamina, vitality and tenacity that grant him endurable. Like a sportsman, is is to keep himself in kilt with regular exercises and occasional medical checkup. He is expected to be shrewd and intelligent and should have strong shock absorbing system or bodily : institution to withstand frustration and disappointments as the part of the game.

2. Marshall the Sales talk:

Before meeting the prospects, he is to do a good ‘home-work’ or a ‘punching’ practice. He should have the stuff and style of presentation. He is the person with a gift of gab which is a major weapon to win the battle of sales talk. Mastering the sales-talk i not presenting the by heated calculated or prepared dialogues. It means a thorough sizing up of a prospect. Customers try to avoid him. This perseverance and courageous stint approach that works wonders. Even if he fails in his sales efforts, he should not get panicked or disheartened. He should try till he succeeds.

3. Time and Territory Management:

All successful salesmen recognize the importance of time and territory management. He should understand the value of time because, time is essence of one’s life and it is time management that makes one to understand the difference between productive and unproductive time. Territory management implies as to how the sales territory is planned and controlled. In each territory, a unit has good many customers or accounts. To satisfy each, the sales people have to plan their time in terms of how many calls are to be made ? How much time for each call is allocated ? How often the calls are to be done? How much time it takes to travel between to customers ? How much time is lost in the selling activities ? and so on.

4. Good At Prospecting:


Prospecting is the first step in selling process. It is the life-blood of sales because, it identifies potential customers. Prospects are the milking cows because they increase the firm’s sales and replace the lost customers. An intelligent salesman uses a variety of methods to find where his prospects are hidden for his own good. He is the discoverer of new points, pits, pitches for sale without which the counter salesman will have to go without any business. It is the ability to level and divulge that speaks of his extractive work.

5. Longing Loyalty:

Loyalty to the sales organization is one of the key tenets. For creative salesman, sky is the limit who have many tempting offers and opportunities from competitive units. A loyal salesman is the assets to the organization, and therefore, every effort is made to retain him at higher costs by him master. However, some greed and disgruntled and unfaithful salesmen are tempted to move from the organization to another. It is bad for organization and for him too. In cases of emergencies, no one will help if you are a skipping frog. One should have devotion, commitment and a great sense of belonging. Longer lasting association is good for the organization, for the customers and himself. This is, a kind sacrifice that is paid well and respected.