How to become a good Travelling Salesman?


As opposed to the idea of ‘counter’ salesmanship, travelling salesmanship is outdoor salesmanship. It is the kind of salesmanship under which the salesman moves from his head branch office to the customers of a particular area which is generally called as sales territory which is assigned to him.

Traveling salesmanship is basically a creative salesmanship than competitive as he is to hunt the customers meet them, sell his ideas and clinch an order. His work is pioneering type as he cuts new ice and he educates the customers and converts prospects into customers. He sows the seeds to harvest the rich profits in due course of time.

The life of a traveling salesman is not easy and cosy; instead it is really hard as he has to be always away from his family and his associates. He is always on the move staying at different places in the entire sales territory where he facers the basic problems of food and drinking water that has impact on his health both physical and mental. Because of this arduous work, his remuneration is so much higher for the sacrifices he makes for the company he works. This job is challenging, thrilling and rewarding. This type of salesmanship is more suitable to those who are interested in meeting new people, new places, learning new languages, and generating the committed class of customers by dint of hard work and taint of impressive presentation and palatable persuasion.

Basic Features of Traveling Salesmanship:


The following discussion bring to light certain features of travelling salesmanship. These are :

1. He is Always on the Move:

Traveling salesman is always on the move unlike the counter salesman. His work is moving out of doors. It does not mean that he comes to his office or home, but at fixed interval; he comes to office to give account of what he has done and to take up new piece of work as per schedule. He moves throughout his sales territory facing all odds of changes in place is-food, water and lodging on tour. He does not have fixed hours of work like counter salesman.

2. He is Bereft of Family Bondings:

Counter salesman being stationed at fixed place, he is always in touch with his family, problems, and associates. He gets home food, no danger of change in water and healthy on his physical health and his family members mental health. It is only in case of transfer, he may face temporary transitory problems of adjusting, to new atmosphere. Very soon his life becomes quite normal.

3. His Task is Creative and Competitive:

Counter salesman is neither creative nor competitive salesman; just a order booking clerk plus presentation to the persons who come to his counter. As opposed to this, traveling salesman is creative salesman as he cuts new ice that is not only maintains the existing customers but opens new accounts which is an arduous task testing his patience and energy. His work is pioneering type as he makes spade work, sow the seeds fertilises and then creates new accounts on committed customers. He is competitive too. Once the clients list reaches new heights, he faces competition from his rivals who are planning to take away his customers. Hence, he is always alert and agile to not to give up at any rate. He counteracts strategically to keep his competitor at bay.

4. He is Highly Rewarded:


Naturally, his nature of job justifies higher remuneration. His scarifies for the company are fairly high and demanding and therefore, he is paid very well. His work is really challenging, thrilling, studded with personal risks, psychological echoes that make his job paying or rewarding. In these days of increasing in security it is really difficult to get such hard working, devoted and committed persons who run the risk of themselves. However, it is monetary and non- monetary incentives that bait these people to be in the hire. By nature they are brave hearts.

5. Opportunity of Learning New things of Life:

It is travelling salesman who enriches his treasure of knowledge. Travel is such means through which he has golden opportunities to meet people of different cultures, life styles, from different geographical areas; all these makes him to learn more and more languages, their life-styles, likes and dislikes; develops very good interpersonal skills, negotiation skills which make him a person perfect in knowledge and knowledge is wisdom and power of which he can take full advantage. He turns highly adoptable to the changing circumstances and he can survive anywhere and under any circumstances. These are a ideational associated benefits of travelling salesmanship.

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