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8 most essential Qualities of a good Citizen

8 most essential Qualities of a Ideal Citizen. A good citizen is robust and healthy. He is careful about the rules of health and observes them scrupulously. Only a sound body has a sound mind.

Importance and Qualities of a Teacher from different Points of View

According to the Hindu point of views, the child receives second-birth at the hands of the teacher. First birth,.the physical one front he parents. The teacher plays the most prominent role in moulding the habits, tastes and the character of pupils.

Sample speech on the qualities required for success

On this sweet morning, I stand before you not go give you a long sermon how to achieve success overnight. The road to success is not smooth but full of thorns to traverse. Success is as ice cold and lonely as the North Pole.

7 essential qualities of a good prospect

The person who needs things and is a possible customer is known as ‘prospect’. A qualified prospect needs the characteristics, like (i) need to buy, (ii) ability to buy, (iii) authority to buy, (iv) eligibility to buy, and (v) accessibility.

3 essential qualities of a sales executive

Three most essential qualities of a sales executive are (a) Self-confidence (b) Observation and Memory (c) Loyalty. Self-confidence is another very important quality, which every sales executive should possess. It springs from knowledge.

4 essential qualities of a good salesman

In every field of activity one has to master the basic doctrines or rudiments to be successful. Salesmanship is a challenging profession, calls for through competition. The salesman should learn about the fundamentals perhaps so as to attain positive results.

What are the Qualities of a good salesman?

Some salesman are born with certain qualities like they are gifted with certain talent. The nature of one’ this personality depends to a great extent on the heredity and environment.

28 essential qualities of a successful salesman

A salesman should posses a sound and physique in order to become efficient. A salesman who is not healthy cannot maintain a pleasing appearance. He will also not be able carry on his duties efficiently.

Do you know the 7 essential qualities of a Good Prospect ?

Some sales people mistakenly consider every one as a prospect without first finding out whether the people really provide an opportunity to make sale. Prospecting actually begins with beating leads. A LEAD is a potential prospect a person or an organization that may or may act have what it takes to be a true prospect.

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