Some salesman are born with certain qualities like they are gifted with certain talent. The nature of one’ this personality depends to a great extent on the heredity and environment. A salesman can improve his knowledge, cultivate his voice and speech and improves his manners, dress in a good taste and develops certain attributes. A person may not possess all the above qualities that are present in the best salesman. If the salesman makes constant and continuous efforts, these qualities can be developed. For example, a salesman possessing good health cannot talk intelligently or may not have good manners. These qualities can be improved by good reading habits by the salesman. From seniors the fresh salesman can learn sales –talk and good manners. The organization should impart proper training facilities to develop the qualities of the salesman so that the trained salesman can be able to adjust themselves in the changing circumstances of the organization as well as the market conditions.

The modern tendency amongst sales managers is that they realize the possibility of developing the sales personality of the salesman by proper management procedures. Sales managers today believe that firing a salesman is generally unnecessary expense. The salesman should try to improve his personality for advancement in the professions. He should acquires knowledge about the goods, customers and various channels of distribution.

Often a question is asked:

“Is a salesman born or made?”


Many salesmen are born to be as such they are made. They make themselves good salesman by improving the qualities and increasing the knowledge essential for the purpose. A salesman can improve his sales personality by improving the qualities necessary for selling.

If a salesman is not good in talking with customers, he can please the customers by excellent manners and behavior. It can be said that a salesman has some born qualities in him. He acquires some qualities by learning and training. Therefore, a salesman is born and made.

Any young person aspiring for sales career can succeed because everything essential to selling success can be acquired assuming normal, physical and mental assets at his disposal as his prime base.

In can of physical qualities good deal of improvement is possible in maintaining sound health, posture appearance and voice. In case of mental qualities, mostly they are to be possessed to a certain extent or can be learnt by facing new situations, people, ideas, things, experience. Coming to characteristics qualities it can be said that these qualities can not be developed from zero state. These must in the blood of a salesman which can be refreshed and further polished.


Any person can not become a good salesman. He should have physical, social and mental characteristics qualities. A person with normal health, above average intelligence, extroversion, determination, imagination, tact, courage industry and integrity makes a position in the sales organization. All these build his personality that will instantly likeable by all those ‘who come in his contact’. Thus a typical salesman is a raw diamond who is cut and polished to shine.