What are the outstanding features of a Travelling Salesman?


Outdoor Salesman or Traveling Salesman has his own features. These are:

(1) His work is not of routine type of meeting customers at a fixed place. Instead, he is always moving from one place to another and one customer to another under the instructions of his senior.

(2) He meets the customers either at their office or at their residence to cater to their needs.


(3) He is a creative salesman as he has to convert the desire into demand and a prospect into a customer. He has his own way of creating new customers which is an industrious and meticulous task.

(4) His area of operation is comparatively larger depending on the size of the sales-territory in which he is working.

(5) His work is one of sacrificing, hard working and orduous, as he is to withstand the rigors of changing climate, food habits, nature of water, living conditions and above all home sickness.

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