The personality is the personal distinction or dynamic force which is felt by everybody who comes within the radius. It is one’s ability to impress favorably those he meets. Sales personality is the sum total of all qualities like physical features, mannerism, conduct, character, habit etc. That is sufficient to influence the customers favorably. By using these ability and qualities the salesman is able to impress the customers and many of them buy and enjoy the products or services.

There are a number of traits or qualities that make up the sales personality. According to Prof. Davar, “The positive qualities which bring success in the field of salesmanship are tact, courtesy, kindness, courage, confidence, honesty, unselfishness, loyalty, cheerfulness and good health.”

Improving sales personality

Some salesman are both the certain qualities, i.e. they are gifted with certain talents. But it is impossible to find all the positive qualities within a salesman. Therefore, there are many qualities that can be developed. For example, a salesman possessing good health may not have good manners. These qualities can be learnt. Similarly, certain physical qualities can be improved by like curing bad breath, improving ill health by exercising etc. Qualities like tolerance and patience can be developed by habit which sales talks and good manners can be learnt from seniors.


A good salesman always tries to acquire at least some if not all of the personal development qualities. Proper attempt and sincere practice helps him to develop such qualities. Sales personalities can also be developed by proper training. It is the responsibility of the organization to impart such training to their sales force. This will help them to mould themselves into various changing circumstances.

However, it is impossible for every salesman to acquire all the personal development qualities. There may remain deficiencies some where or the other. In such cases, the salesman should try to compensate the drawback of one quality by excelling another. For example, if he is not good in talking with customers he can please the customers by excellent manners and behavior. Thus it can be concluded that a salesman generally has some born qualities in him. He acquires some qualities by learning or training. Therefore, a salesman is born and not made.