Three most essential qualities of a sales executive are (a) Self-confidence (b) Observation and Memory (c) Loyalty.

(a) Self-Confidence:

Self-confidence is another very important quality, which every sales executive should possess. It springs from knowledge. The sales executive should keep self-confidence both on himself and the goods he sells to the customers. A sales executive lacking self confidence can not convince his customer properly or overcome his objections. In fact, man lacking self-confidence should not be sales executive . Self-confidence comes to a sales executive through himself, of the goods he sells and of the customers and their buying motives.

(b) Observation and Memory:


Power of observation is another important quality of a sales executive. A good sales executive must be a keen observer. He should observe the changes in style, fashion of people, activities of rivals, Government policies, general attitude of customers and other things. This would help him a lot in understanding the need of the customers quickly and persuade them for purchase of the products in which he is dealing.

Sharp memory is another important attribute of a sales executive. Sharp memory refers to capacity to recognize his customers, recall his past interviews with them, recalling their requirements and suggestions. As a matter of fact, lack of memory is responsible for committing many errors. For this purpose, it is better for a sales executive to keep a notebook and write important points for future reference.

(c) Loyalty:

Loyalty means willingness to obey. Loyalty of a sales executive can be classified into groups:


1. Loyalty to the organization

A sales executive should remain loyal to his organization. He should obey the instructions given by his senior officers. He should avoid unnecessary heavy discounts and credit facility to unworthy customers.

2. Loyalty to customers

A sales executive can be loyal to customers by becoming honest in his dealings and statements and by selling them quality goods at reasonable price.


3. Loyalty to fellow-workers

A good sales executive should be loyal to his fellow-workers. The success of organizations depends on team work and team spirit. Therefore sales executive must have court-operative attitude towards each other.

Improving the above qualities:

Some sales executive are born with certain qualities i.e., they are gifted with certain talents. But it is impossible to find all the qualities discussed above within a sales executive. Therefore there are many qualities that can be developed. For example, a sales executive possessing good health may not talk intelligently or may not have good manners. These qualities can be learnt. Similarly certain physical qualities can be improved like curing bad breath, improving ill health by exercising, etc. Qualities like tolerance and patience can be developed by habit while sales talks and good manners can be learnt from seniors. A good sales executive always tries to acquire at least some if not all of the personal development qualities. Proper attempt and sincere practice helps him to develop such qualities. These qualities can also be developed by proper training. It is responsibility of the organization to impart such training to their sales force. This will help them to mould themselves into various changing circumstances.


However, it is not possible on the part of every sales executive to acquire all the personal development qualities. There may remain deficiencies somewhere or the other. Even if they acquire it, it may not be at a safe degree. In such cases the sales executive should try to compensate the drawback of one quality by excelling another. For example if he is not good in talking with customers he can please the customers by excellent manners and behavior. Thus this it can be concluded that a sales executive generally has some born qualities by learning or training. Therefore, a sales executive is born and made.