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10 methods for improving your Precis writing skills

Precis, by its very definition means presenting the ideas given in the passage briefly without missing their essentials. It needs not only the knowledge of different methods of condensing the sentences but also a good practice.

How to improve your memory?

Individuals differ in their abilities to memorize. Some have more impressionable mind than others. Therefore, the materials they learn get more easily and more effectively registered as a result of which they show better abilities for recall and recognition.

How to improve your sales presentation ?

Effective presentation is a vital factor in selling. Customers generally visit the shops to see the goods. During the period of their visit when they see that the goods are displayed, presented and demonstrated well by you, they become attracted towards such goods.

How to improve sales personality ?

The personality is the personal distinction or dynamic force which is felt by everybody who comes within the radius. It is one’s ability to impress favorably those he meets. Sales personality is the sum total of all qualities like physical features, mannerism, conduct, character, habit etc.

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