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Sales Promotion: Definition, Meaning, Techniques, Importance and Advantages

Sales promotion is an action which increases the volume of sales. In a broad sense, the term ‘sales promotion’ refers to promotion because all the activities of personal selling, publicity, ad­vertising and sales promotion lead to the enhancement of sales. However, the meaning of sales promotion has been technically defined to include display, demonstration, contests […]

Sales Management

“Sales management” originally referred to the designing, planning and directing sales force personnel to achieve the organizational objectives. In the words of Rachman and Romano, “Sales management includes recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, motivating and evaluating the sales force.” Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Sales Management 2. Meaning of Sales Management 3. Definitions 4. Objectives 5. […]

How to write General Sales Letter?

Who else wants to learn the art of writing powerful general sales letters? Well, here are few self-tested ways to do so.

What are most essential methods of closing sales ?

Closing is the last stage in the selling process. The salesman’s effort of obtaining attention, arousing interest, creating desire, convincing has no value, if he can not close the sale. Closing is the action on the part of the salesman of concluding the sales transaction. The rule of closing is as simple as ‘ABC’ Always […]

How to improve sales personality ?

The personality is the personal distinction or dynamic force which is felt by everybody who comes within the radius. It is one’s ability to impress favorably those he meets. Sales personality is the sum total of all qualities like physical features, mannerism, conduct, character, habit etc.

How to develop sales personality ?

Personality cannot be precisely defined. It is the sum total of favorable impression one makes on other. In the words of H. N. Morton “Personality is that personal distinction or the dynamic force which felt by everyone who comes within its radius.”

8 effective tips to salespersons for converting customer rejections into sales

Overcoming objections is really a delicate stage that makes or mars the chain of selling process that has already reached a near final stage. Irrespective of the types of objections raised by the prospects, certain hints or points are worth pondering; responding to objections in a helpful manner requires careful thought and preparation.

What is the meaning of the term close in relation to conducting sales?

“Close” is the process of helping the prospect to make a decision that benefits him first than salesman. ‘Close’ means concluding the sales. It is the act of actually getting the prospect’s assent to the sales proposal and the prospect agree to buy or gives the order.

14 methods for achieving a successful sales close

A well-planned presentation followed by its implementation is expected to result in a natural positive close. However, this need not happen all the time. That is why the salesman is to play the role of a construction consultant to the tilting prospect to decide.

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