“Close” is the process of helping the prospect to make a decision that benefits him first than salesman. ‘Close’ means concluding the sales. It is the act of actually getting the prospect’s assent to the sales proposal and the prospect agree to buy or gives the order. ‘Close’ is to do with securing favorable answer or commitment from prospect to the selling proposal of a salesman.

Thus, close is crucial and, hence, crucible that puts the salesmen to acid test to prove his mettle. His ability to speak of converting the desire into demand, getting approval for his sales proposal. It is reading a favorable stage of an place from a prospect for salesman’s selling plan. It is getting “FINAL YES” or COMMITMENT – a foundation for long term business relations.

At the end of every sales call, salesman is to close. This means attempting to gain customer’s commitment – either to buy or to undertake some next step. One Rule of Thumb, when it comes to closing is “You must ask for commitment” where the commitment is an agreement to take a next step, there is a second Rule of Thumb.” The next step should be determined by the salesman not just the customer.” The reason for this is obvious; it meaning “.hat the customer is unable to procrastinate and that you are the one calling back ready to move forward because of some accomplishment on your part. Believe it or not, it can happen at any time at any point in the sales conversation. It is like a shaft of light – something hits the consumers mind, he sees a benefit and the satisfaction he will derive from the product or service and buys it. There are many such points during an interview. These one HIGH-INTEREST POINTS. The salesman must identify these and close the sales at one such point. If he misses one, then he must wait for the next high point but must never close at a low interest point.

The salesman must also close as fast as possible. The order that is within reach today is beyond the mountains of tomorrow. It is said in fact, that a good salesman should start closing might from the beginning of the sales interview.


Closing might simply be a request for another meeting for perusing or for the invitation to submit a written quotation. As a compliance tactics, closing is very critical in the process of influencing a customer essentially. Salesman must close question as clear as possible so that in the long run, customers do not waver in their commitments.