What is the difference between open office and private office?


Open Office

A large room where all the departments, men and equipments are accommodated without partition wall is called an open office. In this case, staff is put in big hap instead of separate rooms. In that hall every department is allotted a separate space and the departmental demarcation is done through filing cabinets or shelves. Open office makes fullest utilisation of space and ensures better control. The greatest drawbacks of open offices are absence of privacy and impersonal atmospphere.

Private Office


Private offices denote small rooms separated from similar other rooms. In private office, small group of staff sit in a small room, which may be constructed by using pucca walls, or a part of open office converted into cubicles through partitions. These are allotted to top executives and important persons in the management like managing director, general manager and departmental managers.

Private office ensures greater privacy in work and create personal atmosphere in work. These are also uneconomical and create a stale of decentralization.

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